Retired Mansfield guide dog who lost part of his ear in an attack is on the mend

Hudson in his cone.
Hudson in his cone.

A well known retired Mansfield guide dog who was attacked by another dog who bit off a part of his ear is on the mend.

And his former owner is now raising money for his treatment.

Hudson had been guide dog for 24-year-old blind footballer Nathan Edge since he was 19, until Hudson was retired last month.

But he has since been attacked by another dog, losing a chunk of his left ear.

Nathan, from Mansfield said: “It has been a nightmare.

“No dog deserves to go through it and because he helped me for all of those years it has made it even worse.”

Hudson now lives with a new owner, who asked not to be named, but said she had been unable to insure Hudson due to an existing medical condition which led to his early retirement as a working guide dog.

Hudson has hip dysplasia, an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and arthritis.

Hudson, his new owner and her dog Lottie were attacked by a black Staffordshire bull terrier-cross while walking in Pleasley Pit Trail.

Nathan, who has a new guide dog named Abby, said: “His new owner is a caring woman who would happily pay these bills herself if money was no object.

“However the whole timing of this incident has fell upon difficult financial times.”

Nathan said he will pay half of the bills, but asked if anyone can spare a “few pounds and contribute to Hudson’s vet bills”.

Hudson has currently had two operations on his ear and several ear infections but is apparently feeling “much better now”.

He is also still wearing his cone – much to his frustration.

Nathan said: “So far Hudson’s bills have amounted to more than £1,000, but I think we are nearing the end of the costs now.

“He is slowly getting better – for a while he didn’t even fetch his toys and we couldn’t let him play because his ear would bleed.

“People have been saying the owner of the dog who attacked Hudson should be made to pay these bills.

“We can’t go in to detail as this is now an ongoing police investigation. However, we will be pushing for this.

“If any funds are left over following the end of his treatment, they will be donated to the charity Guide Dogs.”

There have been currently more than £2,000 donated towards Hudson’s treatment after the attack on October 9.

Nathan said he has been “blown away and lost for words” by the donations.

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