RESULTS: Should members of the public be BANNED from buying fireworks?

It's a debate that seems to surface every year, with one side arguing that anyone should be free to buy fireworks and the other airing concerns about injuries, accidents and animals.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 6th November 2017, 4:09 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 11:26 pm

So, we asked readers their views on whether members of the public should be banned from buying fireworks and now the results are in.

A huge 65 per cent of you said yes, with just 35 per cent saying no.

Animals were high on the list of reasons for people backing a ban on the sale of over-the-counter fireworks.

Pam Comrie argued: “Yes, only organised displays. We never had evil people harming animals (with fireworks) when I was a child.”

Emily Smith agreed and commented: “Yes, I’ve just read about a second cat that had fireworks strapped to it this year! A ban would have saved their lives!”

Hils Gray said: “Yes, so we don’t frighten all the animals every year, and just one night would be good, we have had them every night since Hallowe’en.”

Sandra Atkins added: “Yes definitely!!! A nightmare for outdoor animals and birds and our pets. November 5th is Bonfire night, organised displays ONLY on the official day!”

Here are a few of YOUR arguments against banning people buying fireworks.

Alan Lee commented on Facebook: “You can’t ban everything because of a few irresponsible idiots and even if it was banned it’s not going to stop these idiots getting their hands on them just like drugs and other illegal stuff.”

And Caroline Lamas asked: “Just why? Because of stupid kids and childish adults? No.”

Simon Djsilly Draper said: “No they should not. Regulated yes but an all out ban is ridiculous. How about ban the sale of all eggs at Hallowe’en? It’s a few nights out of the year and people act like there under mortar attack.”

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