Residents welcome £6.5m Brownlow Road development

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A DERELICT street in Mansfield, which was once dubbed one of the worst in Britain, is to get a £6.5m facelift.

Nottinghamshire County Council is working with Mansfield District Council on building 64 bungalows, houses and apartments on Mansfield’s Brownlow Road, with 48 designated for elderly folk.

The district council has invested £11m in preparing the site, and will contribute an extra £500,000 to the development while the county council says it will commit £3.4m to the project.

The plan is subject to a funding bid for £1.3m from the Department of Health to support the project. A decision on grant funding to support the scheme is likely in May.

The street had been left to crumble in recent years following a series of problem tenants, vandals, arsonists and flytippers.

It had been named by locals as the ‘street of shame’ and was eventually bulldozed, much to the relief of residents in surrounding streets.

The Chad spoke with some living on the adjacent Marlborough Road, who have lent their initial support to the scheme.

Barbara Gasby, who has lived there since 1979, said: “It’s an eyesore at the moment, but it is better than the rows of old houses. I actually like it at the moment because it’s quiet, but it can’t really stay as it is. If they have to build anything then I’m glad it’s bungalows.”

Doris Percival, a resident for over 40 years, added: “It definitely needs building on - it’s a nuisance and something needs to happen. I’m definitely in favour of this, as long as it’s not flats.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: “It needs cleaning up, it’s disgraceful so new housing has got to be better than it is now.”

Covering 1.8 hectares of the five-hectare site, it is expected to take two years to complete.

Of the proposed 64 homes, 10 bungalows will be set aside for people with dementia, and a further 10 two-bed bungalows and two-bed houses will be available for affordable home ownership.

The build programme would be managed by Mansfield District Council and, once completed, the properties will be let by the district council to people nominated by the county council that have extra care needs.

Coun Derek Evans, portfolio holder for housing strategy and regeneration at Mansfield District Council, added: “There is a clear need for properties of this type in Mansfield, which offer older people and adults with disabilities an opportunity to live in quality homes and access care and support when required.

“Projects of this sort enable people to grow old safely in a friendly environment. I am pleased that, along with Nottinghamshire County Council, we have been able to submit a bid for grant funding.”

Coun Kevin Rostance, chairman of the county council’s adult social care and health committee, said: “We are really excited about this project as it will significantly improve the quality and choice of properties available to older people in the county and will offer an alternative to traditional residential care.

“It is hoped that the development will have a residential estate feel, making it an attractive prospect for older people needing extra care housing.”