Residents react to Berry Hill park closure news

The Chad's story about the potential closure of Berry Hill park has led to more than 90 people commenting on our Facebook Page.

Berry Hill Park Planning rejection.      
Gloomy outlook for Berry Hill Park?
Berry Hill Park Planning rejection. Gloomy outlook for Berry Hill Park?

The park is set to be closed to the public on November 12 unless a deal can be made to secure its financial future.

Here are a selection of your comments:

Matthew Wright said: “ It’s a green natural space by and large.

I remember playing quite happily there as a kid when very little of it was over managed. What exactly needs spending there for it to become a natural green space??

Eco-friendly toilets perhaps?..about it let nature take it back, leave the gates open.”

Mark Nffc Shepherd wrote: “Just where is the running club going to, where are schools going to hold there athletes completions, and school cross country completions a swell as all the other events that happen on this great park and that poor bloke thats not long had his cafe on there and then there is all the wild life that are in the woods like squirrels, birds, etc someone needs to stop the gates from being closed

Hayleigh Mitchel wrote; “What will do in the summer nowsuch a shame beautiful park n woodland ?”

Oliver Pate said: “Purely a political move! “MDC recently rightly denied yet more houses being built on the park and this is the reaction from the trustees. Disgraceful!!”

Wayne Henderson wrote: “ Hope it doesn’t close before Saturday, got a cyclocross race there!

“But seriously, my father use to drive the train on Berry Hill Park on the miners welfare day back in the 1970’s... did many a school cross country run there...”

Paw Waby: “Giving it over to land pirates is not the answer. As a lad I well remember going there for many a Miners Rally. I even marched with SJAB (Bilsthorpe Flag Party) and it was a real good day out. I am sure this park could well be turned around by people with vision. Pop Concerts/Sports finals and much more.”

Katie Gibbons wrote:” This is a travesty. Utterly shameful. Me and my family visit this park everyday. Come on MDC! For once sort this mess out! It would be a shocking loss if they let this go to the wall. Berry Hill primary for one use the grounds for sports day as they don’t have a sports field of their own. It will be a disaster for the whole community if they let this happen. I’m so passionate about this that I would even try to raise funds to keep it open and I’m sure others on here feel the same! Even though I’ve seen something today that says there’s £200k in their account! “