Residents object to plans for children's home in Mansfield Woodhouse

Residents have objected to plans to transform a Mansfield Woodhouse house into a residential home for supported children.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:46 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 12:47 pm
News story.

A planning application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council seeking permission to change the use of 104 Ley Lane, a six-bedroom property, from a residential home to a “residential institution”.

Ivory Cottage, which runs residential care homes for children aged eight to 18, has submitted the application to allow the dwelling to become a home for five children and young people supported by staff.

In its application, it said it will be working with community agencies and services as well as Mansfield District Council and Government agencies to improve outcomes for young people.

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It would offer short, medium or long-term placements, as well as possible provision for emergency placements to Nottinghamshire and surrounding authorities.

Resident Steven Sanders said: “We strongly disagree with the report written about 104 Ley lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, as it states that the location is a logical choice.

“This is far from it, the dwelling is not suitable as it requires extensive internal and external work to meet standards to home children that may have suffered harm or trauma and have behavioural issues.

“It is also in an area which creates heavy traffic congestion , which will certainly cause parking issues for staff as only last month yellow lines were placed and extended in this area.

“As a resident who has resided in this area for the past 16 years and borders the property concerned we were only one of seven on the councils mailing list, to which we strongly oppose, dwelling change from a c3 residence to c2 resident institution .

“Our community has had its fair share of troubles in the past, with anti social behaviour, gang violence and crime, which has resulted in police presence and gating orders placed in the area.

“The report says it will contribute positively to the community and create 12 jobs , but at what price to our community, would this be as these young children can not be fostered elsewhere

“It would be unwise therefore to place an institution for these 8 -18 year old in this area and to be integrated with the community,as this would surely bring all sorts of issues. Yes they do need to be in a supportive environment, but not so close to a family neighbourhood.”

“A Facebook page has been crafted to oppose the proposed planning application which is being overwhelmed by our community’s response.”