Residents group ‘delighted’ by new centre facility

editorial image

Priory Community Council Residents and Tenants have expressed their delight that a new kitchen has been installed at Sherwood Court Centre and two new bus shelters placed outside.

Pictured above are committee members from the Mansfield ward group, Josie Pearce, Maureen Perry, Ken Shepperd, Roy Buck and a resident in the new kitchen.

This has been arranged by Mansfield District Council and the committee and residents are ‘delighted with the outcome’.

Meanwhile, the group’s recent meeting saw a talk about walks along the river Tamar which divides Devon and Cornwall. Each meeting now has a themed speaker, two free games of bingo and a free buffet.

The next meeting will be on September 25th at Sherwood court 6.30pm and all tenants and residents are invited to attend.