Residents’ fears over mystery M1 dust

Shirley Glew at her home in South Normanton
Shirley Glew at her home in South Normanton

WORRIED residents on a South Normanton street fear mystery dust piles forming on land off the M1 motorway are damaging their health and bringing the value of their properties down.

Shirley Glew (47) lives on Sough Road which runs parallel to junction 28 where four years of maintenance work to widen the motorway has now been completed.

She says that the ash-coloured dust has built up in piles and the dust particles have drifted up into houses on Sough Road.

“It has been getting worse for years, this black dust is ruining my home, it is appearing on our walls and doors and it looks like ash that you’d get after a house fire,” she said.

“I’ve had several chest infections because the dust has been getting on my lungs.

“I’ve been in and out of hospital and my son has also been ill, people around here need to know how dangerous this dust is and something need to be done about it as soon as possible.”

Although major motorway expansion work has taken place between junctions 25 and 28 in recent years it remains unclear where the dust has come from.

Shirley and her husband Anthony have started a petition which has been signed by more than 40 of their neighbours which they want to present to The Highways Agency.

“We’d like environmental health officers to come out and have a look at our houses and establish what the problem is,” added Shirley.

“We tried to sell our house last year, but we didn’t manage to because of the problems we have had with this dust.

“We’ve had the petition signed by lots of people but I am not sure that everyone knows how serious it is or what the long term affects are on your health.”