Residents divided on parking permits

NMAC11-0626-5''Sutton Morley Street
NMAC11-0626-5''Sutton Morley Street
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SUTTON residents who say their roads are plagued by inconsiderate motorists hope a paid-for permit scheme will put an end to parking chaos.

Householders in Cavendish Avenue, Langford Street, Priestsic Road and York Street have been told Nottinghamshire County Council plan to enforce the scheme on their roads - but motorists living on the street would have to shell out £25 per car for a parking permit.

More Controlled Parking Zones are also set to rolled out in the town in the coming months.

York street resident Amanda Monk (43) said it was often a battle to park outside her own home, especially at weekends.

“We can never get a space in front of our house, and it gets very frustrating.

“Sometimes you end up parking right the way down the other end of the street because there is no room elsewhere.

“It’s people walking to the shops or to work, they are not bothered about where they park as long as it is free.”

“We have had problems with people parking their car half-way into the road - they just abandon it. Then your car gets hit, your wing mirrors get clipped - people just don’t take enough care.”

Amanda’s husband Neil (51), a taxi driver, said he was ‘all for’ the permit scheme, and hoped it would make the roads safer.

“I think it’s a good idea, although I don’t think we should have to pay £25. With me having the taxi it means we will have to pay double that.”

If it stops people parking (on Priestsic Road) and pushing larger vehicles into the middle of the road, I think that would solve a bigger problem than what we have got on our street.”

Richard Snee (46), also of York Street, said he hoped the scheme would work - but he resented the £25 charge.

“I don’t see why we should have to pay. We already pay our council tax and road tax - in my opinion they should not be asking us for more money.”

On neighbouring Cavendish Avenue, a 46-year-old resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said many households had been forced to tarmac over their front gardens because of the pressure on parking spaces.

She said: “I’m very much in favour. We get shoppers parking here and going over to ASDA - why they don’t just pay the pound charge then claim the money back at the till, I don’t know.

“They park so close to the edge of your drive, it can be very difficult to get out.”

Meanwhile elsewhere in the town, some householders are so determined to see the back of their parking schemes they are refusing to pay fines dished out by ticket wardens - and racking up hundreds of pounds of debt in the process.

A Russell Street resident, who did not want to be named, claimed she and her partner had ignored nine tickets and bailiffs were chasing the couple for a £300 debt.

“We have had bailiffs knocking on the door asking for this money - there is no way we can afford it. But I would not pay any because of the principal - why should we be charged for parking outside our own house?”

But residents of Russell Street and neighbouring streets have been warned they must wait their turn.

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesman said: “The residents who have asked us for permit schemes may have had to put up with these problems for many years, and that is why they are being prioritised over those that want them removed.”