Residents angry at skate park plans

Jubilee Park, Edwinstowe G130906-6c
Jubilee Park, Edwinstowe G130906-6c

Protesters campaigning against a planned Edwinstowe skate park say their views have not been listened to by councillors fighting to make it happen.

Last month the Chad revealed that the proposed facility had been given the green light at the newly-named Jubilee Park in the village, subject to the area passing a noise evaluation.

Nottinghamshire County Council have now revealed that work in due to start on the development this week, following an extensive consultation with residents.

But a group of home-owners whose properties border Jubilee Park have said that their views have been stonewalled by both the county council and Edwinstowe Parish Council, who have been trying to get the skate park built for more than a decade.

The group told the Chad that the planned area is closer to nearby housing than guidelines dictate, and that the area will cause excessive noise for residents.

They have also carried out their own research which shows that skate parks in other parts of the country can be a hotbed for vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

A spokesman for the residents said: “We have raised numerous objections which have largely been ignored.

“We have complained to the parish council on many occasions about the lack of notice, communication or consultation. The first we all knew about the proposed skate park was in April, and every attempt to get answers since then has been futile.”

Parish council chairman Celia Brooks said that the project is aimed at providing more facilities for young people, aged 12-18 in the village.

Pictured: Jubilee Park, in Edwinstowe, where work is due to start this week on a new skate park for youngsters in the village.