Resident slams plans for 240 new homes in Mansfield Woodhouse

A Mansfield Woodhouse resident has voiced his opposition to plans for 240 houses to be built on agricultural land in the village.

Gladman Developments is in the early stages of preparing a planning application for a new residential development of approximately 240 new homes plus public open space and recreational facilities on land off Peafield Lane.



A public consultation leaflet was distributed in late October to approximately 555 households and businesses in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Mansfield Woodhouse resident Tim Betts said: “As you may already be aware this land is not included in the emerging Local Plan prepared by MDC and I would be surprised if they would support it as the development would have a significant impact on local infrastructure and add to road congestion along the already heavily congested A60.

“The proposed site might bring another 500 cars on the A60, which is already being monitored for levels of air pollution. I

understand Debdale Lane exceeds safe levels according to MDC’s own assessment in 2017? No doubt this development would add to traffic along this route too.

“The proposals will adversely effect local roads, schools, access to health care and further reduce land for endangered wild farmland species such as the skylark and lapwing which inhabit the area and nest exclusively on open land such as this.

“The idea that biodiversity will increase as a result of the development as stated in your article is nonsense.

“Technically gardens may support more species however this will be at the cost of displacing existing red rated species that inhabit this land.”

The proposal is for a residential development to include up to 240 new homes of varying sizes, types and tenures including up to 10 per cent affordable housing and the ‘possibility’ of bungalows.

There would be new publicly accessible green space in the form of woodland & hedgerows, open space and footpaths and provision of a sustainable drainage solution to manage surface water run off, such as an attenuation basin.

The developer states on its website: “We believe that a development should provide an opportunity to improve the range and quality of services that are available in Mansfield Woodhouse.

“We would be very interested to hear your views on any additional services or improvements that would be of value to your community.”