Report: Fatal crash road had been praised for its safety

A Mansfield road which has seen three fatal accidents this year is one of the most improved roads in the country for safety, according to a new report.

Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, 2:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:04 pm

The A6075 from Mansfield Woodhouse to Ollerton has been named in the top 10 by the Road Safety Foundation this week.

The improvements detailed in the report “Cutting the Cost of Dangerous Roads” took place between 2013-15, compared with 2010-12.

However, 16-year-old Lewis Crouch, died after a crash on the A6075 Peafield Lane, in Mansfield Woodhouse, on February 3 this year, before a motorcyclist in his 40s died on the same stretch of road on March 11.

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The road was again closed due to a fatal crash on September 22, when a 35-year-old man was killed.

Lewis’s death has led to repeated calls for more road safety from Cheryl and Garry Broughton, his mum and stepfather.

The figures in the report from 2013-15 show the 11.7-kilometre stretch of the road from the junction with the A60 in Mansfield Woodhouse to the A614 at Ollerton had 11 fatal and serious crashes in the three years from 2010-12, compared with three from 2013-15.

The 73 per cent decrease in serious and fatal crashes was put down to the speed limit being reduced to 50mph from the national speed limit, improvements to street lighting , the extension of two existing 30mph speed limits and an interactive sign.

Other improvements include marker posts and double white centre lines in one location.

The 10 most improved roads saw deaths and serious injuries fall by 74 per cent.

A spokesperson for the Road Safety Foundation said: “It is always encouraging when a road can move into our annual ‘most improved’ list, and for the A6075, to move from 11 deaths and serious injuries to 3 over the two periods is a step in the right direction.

“However, it is of great concern if this level of serious and fatal crashes were to continue.

“We will have more up-to-date figures in our report next year, and hope to see the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on this road move firmly towards zero.”

“We welcome the recognition from the Road Safety Foundation of the impact that our road safety measures have had in lowering accident rates on this long stretch of the A6075.

“We are continuing to improve the route and new speed cameras on the Peafield Lane section of the A6075 in Mansfield Woodhouse are among the many road safety schemes planned in 2018/19 across the County.

“This follows a number of accidents at this location this year and a petition which raised concerns about road safety along this stretch. Via East Midlands, which manage the County’s highway network on the County Council’s behalf have been listening to the concerns of local residents and investigating how safety can be improved on this stretch of road.

“After careful examination into the circumstances of these collisions, speed cameras have been identified as the best and most appropriate solution. These are due to be introduced early next financial year.”

Gary Boughton welcomed the plans for speed cameras. He said: “To keep that reduction happening they need to get the speed cameras up and operational. It’s no good having a 50mph speed limit if it is not being enforced and there is no deterrent.

“It is not just speeding it is about making people aware it is a dangerous road.

“It is about signage and lighting as well so people are aware of what is going around them.”

Cheryl Boughton added: “You hear about the serious accidents but there are other ones not so serious too all the time. A car turned over just the other day on that road. It won’t have improved enough until the number of crashes is zero.”