Remote stop valves make homes safer for tenants

NEWARK and Sherwood Homes has invested in stop valves which will mean 100 homes will be further protected against flood damage.

The Value for Money (VfM) Group, which is made up of tenants, tenant representatives and Newark and Sherwood Homes staff, identified that the valves would bring extra peace of mind to tenants and could mean a cost saving to the council on flood damage in homes.

It was also recognised that the valves could avoid expenditure relating to maintenance and repair costs of stop taps, as well as preventing water damage when tenants are on holiday or the property is vacant.

The simple to use switch device will be fitted to 100 properties within the sink cupboard, for ease of location and not on a wall to prevent accidental trigger.

Tenant Eva Taylor said: “We are delighted with the stop valve that has been fitted to our home, we found we couldn’t get down into the back of the cupboard to turn off the water, whereas the valve is now just inside the cupboard door, making it so much easier.”

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