Remembrance Sunday road closures

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Several roads are to be temporarily closed as part of this year’s Remembrance Sunday Parades.

Here are the road closures for Sunday, November 12.


From 10,30am till 11,30am, Kingsway will be closed from its junction with St Thomas Avenue to its junction with Kingsway (service road) northern junction.

St Thomas Avenue will also be closed.


Forest Street- from its junction with Fox Street to its junction with Devonshire Square, Devonshire Square, Lammas Road and Church Avenue will be closed to cars for the parade from 9am to 12 noon on Sunday.


From 9,15am to 10,15am Green Farm Road, from its junction with Crescent Road to its junction with B600 Alfreton Road will be closed to traffic.


The Main Road, from its junction with Pye Hill Road will be closed for 500m in a south eastern direction.

It will be closed from 10,40am to 11,35am.


Hucknall will see a few road closures on Sunday.

South Street, Baker Street, High Street, Derbyshire Lane, Watnall Road, Beardall Street, Croft Avenue, Byron Street and Park Drive, will be shut to traffic from 10,25am to 11,40am.