Remember a night out in Mansfield in the 90s?

A 90s night out
A 90s night out

I used to live for Friday and Saturday nights ‘down town’ in the 90s.

Mansfield was brilliant for a night out at weekends - despite it then having a so-called reputation for violence.

In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I saw any serious fisticuffs in the town centre.

I loved my nights out in Mansfield, so much so I even drove back from Cambridgeshire - where I was working in the latter part of the decade - some weekends for a few bottles of Bud with my mates.

My taste in beer has improved since then, I must add . . .

Back in those days, the pub and club scene was much more spread out - not like it is today with most of the popular haunts concentrated in the Leeming Street/Clumber Street area.

But if you were to ask me what my favourite place was, it had to be Brunels - which is now the town’s train station.

I was gutted when it closed. It was nothing special inside.

In fact, if anything, it was drab and dreary but once it was packed with boozed up men and women - some on the pull, of course - the atmosphere was brilliant.

For me, and this sounds a tad snobbish (this is Mansfield after all) I always felt it was the place where the more classier breed of reveller frequented. Remember, this was long before the likes of Il Rosso and AndWhyNot/Late Lounge came along.

Funnily enough, and you only have to look at me, I didn’t have much success in the pulling stakes at Brunels.

Oh no, I fared much better in the likes of the Village and Lexis - they weren’t as fussy in there, obviously!

Fingers crossed the wife won’t be reading this - after all, I did meet her in Lexis, or was it the Village?

I’m guessing there are many other married couples out there who first came together on the dancefloors of the Village and Lexis.

I just can’t believe those days are 20-odd years ago. Where does time go?

Cheers . . .