Recruitment drive for on-call Notts firefighters opens

fire engine
fire engine

​Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched a new drive for on-call firefighters.

New firefighters are needed at stations across the county and residents are being urged to see if they have got what it takes to join the team.

This latest campaign follows the Yes You Can theme - which encourages those people who have often thought about becoming a firefighter, but never got round to applying, to follow their dream and get in touch.

The Service’s Chief Fire Officer, John Buckley, said: “For anybody thinking about joining our team as an on-call firefighter, I would seriously encourage you to get in touch with your local crew.

“Not only is it personally a rewarding job, but it will also see you helping to keep people in your local area safe – as well as giving you a wide range of new skills.”

The Service’s retained staff work on a part-time basis and commit a certain number of hours per week to being on-call, during these hours they carry a pager and respond to emergencies from home or another place of work.

They are given the same training as wholetime firefighters and attend the same types of incidents – including fires, road traffic collisions, animal rescues, rescues from height and water, chemical incidents and flooding.

Some retained stations also respond to medical emergencies in their areas, in addition to fire and rescue incidents.

One of the Service’s newest on-call firefighters, Aneta Suszczyk, said: “I’ve met a lot of magnificent people from trainees to station managers – all of whom help motivate you to be the best you can be.”

To apply to be an on-call firefighter click here.