Real Time bus information for north Notts

REAL Time travel information will come into force at bus stops across north Nottinghamshire in a move that could boost the number of people using public transport in the area and help cut traffic congestion.

Real Time is a state-of-the-art system that provides accurate information as to when the next bus is due to arrive. Buses are fitted with a tracking device in order for the system to know where it is. The system calculates how long it will take to arrive at each of the stops along the bus’s route.

Using satellite technology the system then communicates the bus information to a display at the bus stop, mobile phone (text or mobile internet) or website. The times displayed will show when the bus is due to arrive, as well as its number and destination.

Studies have shown that the introduction of Real Time can generate an increase in passenger journeys on local buses by up to 2% because it takes away uncertainty and enables people to make more informed travel decisions

Nottinghamshire County Council has previously carried out a Real Time trial with West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which has seen the service enabled at over 500 stops spread across five routes in the Bassetlaw area.

It now plans to formally introduce the service and build upon the trial, with the introduction of up to 15 on-street displays at key points on the existing real time routes when funding becomes available.

The cost of the on-street displays will be approximately £97,000 funded from Local Transport Plan funding from central government.

“The introduction of Real Time in north Nottinghamshire will bring significant benefits for bus users and business in the area,” said Coun Richard Jackson, the County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport.

“I’m sure it’s already familiar to users in urban areas but it’s even more useful, not to say vital, in rural areas where if you miss a bus it can be a couple of hours or more before the next one comes along.

“I believe its introduction will not only bring reassurance to existing customers but also encourage new passengers to use bus services.”