Readers respond to sex worker's UK tour making a stop in Mansfield

The motor-home is used as a brothel as Kirie makes planned stops all over the country. (Image: Viral Press)
The motor-home is used as a brothel as Kirie makes planned stops all over the country. (Image: Viral Press)

It was a hot topic yesterday as the news broke that a porn star and escort who travels the UK in a 'mobile brothel' stopped in Mansfield.

The sex worker, known as Kirie, has a website with tour dates and a section to leave reviews, and works out of the back of a motor-home.

The local reaction was mixed with jesting comments as well as some of concern for for the lone sex worker's safety.

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PICS AND VIDEO: Porn star's 'mobile brothel' stops in Mansfield

Kirie's mobile brothel is one of a number of ways that 'street corner' prostitution has become less common.

Daniela Scotece, chief executive of POW Nottingham,, which provides support for 300-400 sex workers per year, and campaigns to end violence against sex workers said: "Prostitution is not illegal in the UK, however a number of associated offences are illegal. In Nottingham the visibility of ‘On Street’ sex workers has decreased, however this should not be interpreted as a sign that sex work has reduced. The internet is the fastest growing medium for the sale of commercial sex and we have seen a rise in the number of sex working advertising on line."

Like the National Ugly Mugs scheme POW believes in and advocate for the human rights of sex workers including - and work with police to identify and convict perpetrators of crimes against prostitutes.

Readers debated the story en masse throughout the day.

Barbara Parnill said: "It only takes the wrong man to go in and hurt her."

Hall Harold Henry said: "Why do people object? As far as I am concerned if men and women sell themselves that is there business as long as it's all kept away from kids and let live."

Alexia Holt said: "If this is people's chosen lifestyle then who cares."

Kerri Shaw said: "Obviously no respect for herself or others, surely there's a better job than that."

Natasha Brown: "Broadcasting how much money she has made. Hope she doesn't get broken into!"

Jean Walker: "Posing with a new roll of kitchen towel... Bet she gets through a few of those in a week, hope it's Cushelle."

Jon Lewis said: "How dare she park on double yellow lines!"

Huw Jenkins: "This article has left out so many basic facts:- What type of van is it exactly? Which building is it parked outside? Does she accept credit cards? I mean if you're going to write an article at least be thorough!"

Alec MacGregor said: "I can't work out whether the issue is that it is a brothel, or that it committed traffic violations?"

James Hill said: "Makes a change to see a successful business opening up in Mansfield that isn't a pound or pawn shop."

Mitch Clifford: "If people are willing to pay for something then there's a market for it, should've been legalised years ago because then it can be safely legislated and taxed."

The UK Network of Sex Work Projects is an association of agencies working with sex workers and runs the Ugly Mugs scheme for improving their safety and alerting to dangerous individuals who target.

It's handbook: "Safety Advice For Sex Workers" offers best practice for women and men who sell sex and face danger of, being targeted by violent customers, and subjected to abuse or having drinks spiked.

It discourages working outside pubs and clubs and actually suggests sticking to more populated areas.