READERS’ PICTURES: Derbyshire moments from disaster as tornado cloud fills skies

A possible tornado has been spotted in the skies over Derbyshire.

Residents in a number of areas including Chesterfield, Bolsover and Dronfield were stunned to see the twister-like funnel cloud at about 5.30pm yesterday.

Funnel clouds are narrow, spinning columns of air which extend from cumulonimbus clouds, usually during a thunderstorm or heavy downpour when the atmosphere is unstable.

If the funnel cloud had touched the ground, the area would have officially been hit by a tornado.

Marie England said she was driving when she looked up and saw the would-be twister.

She added: “I seriously thought ‘oh God please don’t touch down on me’.”

The Derbyshire Times was inundated with readers’ pictures of the unusual meteorological event - see a slideshow above.