READER LETTER: Why so much interest in Labour battles?

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It was interesting to read the article ‘MP stays silent on leadership battle’ in the Chad dated July 6 which refers to me declining to comment on Labour’s internal debate on it’s leadership in Parliament.

What in fact I did query when interviewed was whether the newspaper would be making similar enquiries with Conservative Party members in Mansfield who are about to vote on the head of their organisation, who would also thereafter be the nation’s Prime Minister?

Also UKIP supporters, a registered local political party, which at the moment has two district councillors on Mansfield District Council, about the resignation of Nigel Farage and the so far six candidates who are currently vying for his job?

It’s a amazing isn’t it — two jobs up for grabs and so far 11 candidates running with different manifestos trying to get them.

Yet in the midst of all of this, interest only in another state of affairs in the Labour Party – makes you think doesn’t it?”

Sir Alan Meale

Mansfield MP