READER LETTER: Soup Kitchen - Hang your heads in shame over eviction

Official re-launch of Mansfield Market
Official re-launch of Mansfield Market

The mayor and her cabinet should hang their heads in shame for evicting the soup kitchens in Mansfield.

Never has there been a time in post-war history when soup kitchens are in greater need. Perhaps it is a case of the new ‘acceptable’ intolerance of those less fortunate.

I listened to the Mayor’s defence of the eviction decision and could not believe that hygiene was being cited as the main reason and that it would be better to have this done in an enclosed space.

Should the Mayor actually visit the market she would find at least four food outlets in their newly-created food area serving food from open trucks.There are several stalls selling food from market stalls in the open. Will these stalls and food outlets be served eviction notices because of food being served in the open air?

Will Mansfield ban the Salvation Army which in other areas runs many soup kitchens throughout the UK and the world should they offer to run these facilities?

I read several articles where the mayor has praised the people of Mansfield for their volunteering and helping those in need. What sort of image does this decision send to other areas of the country? Mansfield, the town that does not care!

I have read the response that the council will try to help the soup kitchen find alternative accommodation but is this just a way of getting the underclass to be out of sight and out of mind in my view.

Seth Clay

By email