READER LETTER: Developments - Any accountability for decisions?

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I read with interest about the proposed development on High Oakham Drive.

The house at one stage was occupied by Mr and Mrs Bird, who sold a parcel of land for Bernard Hibbert, founder of Pretty Polly, to build a house for himself and another for his brother Oswald.

Much later, a further piece was disposed of to Jack Frow. Mrs Bird vacated away.

Several of my former school friends lived around there, and I, with some others camped out in the gardens of the disused quarry now developed. The parents just left us, I did, with reluctance, learn to drive there.

Those of us who have drove up that drive realise the difficulties. Some few years ago, someone decided to place a sign at Roebuck Drive, private road — it always was. None of the original owners objected. The last one was Ben Brittain, a former letter writer I knew.

Now of course it is practically mayhem along there at certain school times.

At the top of Roebuck Drive is, or was, an opening. There was always speculation of a development. Through that gate a previous owner, now in Devon, moved on the likelihood of it.

It is owned by Notts County Council which is apparently short of funds and Roebuck Drive is wide.

A proposal was made, I believe, for land at the rear of High Oakham Hill, again a blind spot. I had friends there and did cross-country running along through the Caudwell area. I have known people move from there finding it too busy. A development was made some few years ago on Kirkby Road, Ravenshead with access onto Kirkby Road itself.

Someone I know lives on Lichfield Lane, although I know a lot of the residents. A small application was made and rejected. The Derby Road College, however, applied and had passed a major development. It looks really out of place and apparently several objected. Fortunately again, I know several who reside adjacent to it. They felt their concerns were not taken into consideration, I wonder if the planning officers live locally? Often not the case, nor councillors either. No accountability springs to mind.

Mark Wilson

Berry Park Lea, Mansfield