READER LETTER: BREXIT - I’ve seen little of EU money coming to us

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The result of the EU referendum was certainly a surprise to myself and friends.

The vast majority of Mansfield people certainly made it clear they wanted out of Europe and this was mirrored by a majority of voters throughout the UK.

I had thought that the wishes of our political leaders to stay in the EU would hold sway, but people power held the day.

In Mansfield we have not seen much benefit from paying vast sums into Europe.

I was under the impression that localities like ours would be helped by Brussels to regenerate our industrial base, but I saw little evidence of such aid coming our way.

The only business of any note to come near to Mansfield is Sports Direct at Shirebrook, which I think did receive substantial public money to locate there. Even its most ardent supporters would not say that workers there are well paid, nothing like the wages that were earned by the coal miners who were previously on that site.

Another point is that I have never seen or heard of our MEPs speaking up for our town. I don’t even know who our MEPs are, such is their low profile. Westminster now must get on and carry out the wishes of us voters to “get our country back”.

I already detect that our MPs are dragging their feet over this important task.

It must surely be the role of local political parties to ensure that individual MPs get on with the job in hand, and in this locality this obviously includes the Labour Party members in Mansfield and Ashfield.

We all hope that life will be better post-Brexit, but to achieve this dream we will be even more dependent on our MPs vocalising the views of their local political party and the needs of ordinary people.

Sam Ellis

Welbeck Street,