Reaction to "explosion" and fire on Crown Farm Industrial Estate

Multiple residents reported hearing a "very loud bang" as a large fire ripped through a Mansfield factory this evening (November 12).

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service was called to multiple reports of an "explosion" at KP Fencing on Crown Farm Industrial Estate, Mansfield, at around 4.45pm.

The fire burning.

The fire burning.

Five fire engines and 30 firefighters tackled the blaze, and Nottinghamshire Police was also in attendance - placing a cordon on Ratcher Way which is expected to remain in place overnight.

No information has been given about how or why the fire was started, and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently investigating the blaze.

Gary Mulligan, Mansfield Fire Station's incident commander at the scene, said: "We are not sure at the minute what the cause of the fire was, and fire investigations are now underway.

"We were called after multiple reports of an explosion and a large fire at Crown Farm Industrial Estate and when we arrived on the scene the fire was well alight.

The cordon in place on Ratcher Way, which is expected to remain overnight

The cordon in place on Ratcher Way, which is expected to remain overnight

"Approximately 30 firefighters and five fire engines are here at the minute tackling the fire, which was completely under control and extinguished at around 6.30pm."

A number of residents have reacted to the blaze, with wide reports suggesting that there was a "very loud bang" that sounded "like a shotgun".

Wayne Salmon, who works at nearby Jeremias, said: "One of my colleagues said she saw the fire as she was leaving work and then around 10 minutes later we heard a very loud bang.

"It caught alight very quickly."

The building following the blaze.

The building following the blaze.

Another eyewitness, 16-year-old Stephen Shannon from Oak Tree, said: "I was just around the corner when I heard the explosion and when I came down I saw the building burning so I called 999.

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"I saw the large smoke and the fire coming out of the building from quite a distance on the path between the Industrial Estate and Oak Tree [by Eakring Road]."

Paul Tebbott, a resident aged 62, said: "I drove past at around 4.30 and saw nothing and it was normal but my neighbour called at around 4.45 and said he could see it from his house in Forest Town.

"I hope everyone in there is okay."

Another eyewitness, who lives on the Avenues added: "There was a noise that sounded like a shotgun, and as I was telling my friend what I'd heard, there was another loud explosion.

"I could see flames from my garden and there's been no end of emergency services racing to the scene.

"I hope no one was hurt."

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