‘Re-labelled’ milk recalled after Kirkby firm in court

MORE than 3,000 tins of evaporated milk which appear to have been re-labelled with a false use-by date were seized from a factory in Somercotes.

The tins, which also appeared to have a false health mark, were found at an industrial unit belonging to Kirkby-based Burden Foods Ltd, trading as Denbur Foods.

Amber Valley Borough Council says the company has no approval to trade as a food business and appeared to have changed the use-by-date on the tins from January 2011 to November 2011.

The council’s regulation manager Steve Haslam said: “Proper labelling and the correct information are essential to allow the customer to understand what they’re consuming.

“Where appropriate, the council will use its power to protect consumers from being misled about where products come from and their proper shelf life.”

Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court was told officers from the council’s food safety team and Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards visited the factory and stopped the re-labelling of the milk, which was called Country Lane Evaporated Milk.

The court was satisfied evidence indicated the milk failed to comply with food safety requirements as it had not been processed or distributed in compliance with hygiene regulations.

An order for condemnation and destruction of the tins was made and the firm was ordered to pay for the cost of destruction and the council’s costs of almost £700.

The council is now working with the Food Standards Agency to recall as much of the product as possible and anyone who has a tin of Country Lane Evaporated Milk should return the product to where it was purchased.