'Rape' fears on popular Sutton park

“Someone is going to get raped”. That was the stark warning from an Ashfield community protection officer after safety concerns were raised over a lack of lighting at Sutton Lawn.

Peter Calladine spoke out at a community meeting after concerns were raised over a broken or lack of lighting on the park off Peel Street will result in a serious injury on the park.

Sutton Lawn in snow.

Sutton Lawn in snow.

At Monday’s meeting at New Cross Community Church, Downing Street, Sutton, he said: “We feel like when we’re patrolling, it’s pitch dark, and we’ve commented ‘someone is going to get raped’.”

Louise Jones, aged 43, of Bentinck Street, cycles to work at King’s Mill Hospital , Sutton, and passes through the park when it is dark.

She told the meeting the park is “pitch black” and was concerned someone will get “attacked” if nothing is done.

She said: “When I am going through the park I feel like someone is going to jump me.”

Sutton Lawn

Sutton Lawn

She said she had counted six lights that were out on the park.

She also said that the park’s Astroturf football pitch lights help light the park when it is dark, but they are not always on.

The Lawn is Sutton’s main park providing play areas, gym equipment, skate park, a fishing lake, outdoor sports pitches as well as plenty of outdoor space.

In October this year the park was awarded Green Flag award again for its “high quality green space”.

The Green Flag award recognises the best parks and open spaces in the country.

The park has held this national award since 2005.

Another resident said he has reported the lack of lighting to Ashfield District Council.

He said: “On September 4, I personally reported to the council that the lights weren’t working on the park. I was assured it was going to be looked into the following day.”

A council spokeswoman said a contractor was out yesterday, Tuesday, to look at the lights on the park.