Rampaging thug must pay hundreds of pounds after attacking carers at a Shirebrook rehab facility

A rampaging thug has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in compensation after he attacked three care staff and a nurse at a mental health rehabilitation centre.

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

Lewis Jones, 21, threatened, grabbed, and kicked staff at The Manor, on Long Lane, at Shirebrook, where he lives, according to a Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop told the hearing on October 31: “He was in the garden and speaking to another resident and a nurse came outside and the defendant said, ‘you are having it’.”

Jones ran towards the nurse, Billy Madeley, and put his hands on his shoulders, according to Mrs Allsop, but the nurse used a breakaway technique before the defendant tried to stub out a cigarette on his hand.

During another incident on the same day, Mrs Allsop said Jones had become concerned about a note which had been passed to support worker Caroline Pang and he became abusive and had to be restrained before he kicked Ms Pang in the throat.

Mrs Allsop added that Jones also targeted and threatened support worker Samantha Hubbard in a corridor before grabbing her around the throat and spinning her around and he had to be restrained by staff.

Jones also lunged at Ms Hubbard a bit later when she was on the phone to police.

Another support worker, Toni Kuncyusz, was also attacked five days later, according to Mrs Allsop, when Jones had not been allowed out and he decided to charge at her with his fists clenched and waving about.

The court heard Jones also grabbed her arms a short time later and she had to press her panic alarm.

Jones admitted the four assaults to police and claimed his behaviour could have been down to his medication.

He pleaded guilty to three assaults committed on September 9 and a further assault from September 14.

Jones also admitted breaching a conditional discharge which had previously been imposed for two assaults.

Defence solicitor Simon Dhillon said Jones was born in Northern Ireland and had been taken into care when he was 11 years-old and he was brought to England in 2015 to be placed into a medium secure hospital.

Mr Dhillon explained that Jones was brought to the Manor hospital with learning difficulties and a personality disorder.

Jones has acknowledged that people who are trying to help him should not be subjected to violence, according to Mr Dhillon.

He added: “He does have capacity but you have to take into consideration the disorders he has and he has had to recently change his medication.

“And there has been some improvement in his behaviour and he’s apologetic and remorseful.”

Mr Dhillon said there are plans for Jones to be moved to another facility in the near future and he is hoping to get a place at a new centre in Northern Ireland.

He added: “He’s a troubled young man. He’s isolated and he’s been abandoned since he was 11 years-old and he has struck out at those most close to him - staff members.”

Magistrates ordered Jones to pay £1,152 including a £320 fine, a £32 victim surcharge and £200 in compensation to each of his victims.