Rainworth school detectives solve animal mystery

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The mystery of a ‘dangerous animal’ on the loose in Rainworth has been solved, thanks to the detective skills of school pupils.

The youngsters at Python Hill School, in Kirklington Road, were asked to solve the mystery of an empty cage as part of Science Week.

Pupils were told that a cage, surrounded by animal paw prints, had been left at the school.

Class teacher Charlotte Woodhouse asked PCSO Steve Wherritt to attend the event and help bring the investigation to life.

He said: “We told the children that we were moving the crime scene into the library to preserve the evidence and we asked the pupils not to go past the yellow tape.

“The Key Stage 1 children were looking at finding the animal and collecting evidence and the Key Stage 2 children were looking at finding the culprit responsible. There were three suspects and they had to look at witness statements.”

PCSO Wherritt returned on Friday 3rd May for a special assembly in which children presented their findings.

He added: “The children were brilliant and worked really hard to solve the crime, taking pictures of the scene, collecting evidence and interviewing suspects.

“It was good fun but also enabled them to learn more about the work of the Police and how we go about detecting crime.”