Rainworth’s new sewers are now rainworthy

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NEWS: News.

Water engineers are flushed with pride after completing a £1 million scheme to install new sewers to protect Rainworth homes from flooding.

Severn Trent Water say the improvements including wider pipes and a redesign of the sewage system will bring an end to flooding woes.

But the company says residents can help to prevent blockages by being more careful what they put down the loo.

Severn Trent Water programme engineer, Andrew Morley, said: “We’ve now invested £1 million to install new wider sewers on Kirklington Road, Warsop Lane, Southwell Road and St Jude’s Way in Rainworth. In total there’s around a kilometre of new sewer pipes in the village, some of which are more than a metre wide.

“But it doesn’t all come down to just a bigger pipe, we’ve designed the new sewer system so it can handle sewage and rainfall more effectively, to help protect homes and businesses from sewer flooding.

“Together with our contract partner, NMCNomenca, we started work in June. The feedback the local community gave us at our drop-in session before we started work helped us to make things easier for residents while the new sewers were put in place. We’re grateful for everyone’s patience throughout and we hope that the benefits of the sewer improvements will be felt for years to come.

“However, now the new sewers are in place, we need the local community’s help to look after them. Sewer flooding isn’t just caused by problems with sewer pipes, it’s also caused by the wrong items being flushed down toilets and fat being washed down sinks.

When fat and grease is washed away in hot water it hits the cold sewers and becomes solid, then it sticks to the edge of the sewer pipes, gradually building up until they are totally blocked. Items like sanitary products, nappies and wipes don’t break down when they go into the sewer system either, they cause blockages too.

It’s simple really, to keep the new sewers working for years to come, flush three things – pee, poo and toilet paper – anything else goes in the bin.”

The new sewers were put in by the company’s contract partner, NMCNomenca. For any sewer or water supply emergencies, customers can call Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4444 24 hours a day.