Rainworth pool site pledge

CAMPAIGNERS say they will keep fighting for a new public pool for Rainworth after the ‘Rec’ pool was closed for good.

The facility in the village shut at the end of March after being run by a social enterprise for the last 12 months.

The pool at the former Rainworth Leisure Centre was being operated under a temporary agreement with the Joseph Whitaker School, which now runs the site.

But the school’s decision to use it to build a new sixth-form centre confirmed its closure.

The enterprise says it is still looking for a new site and will battle on.

David Wilson, the school’s head of strategic development, said the end of the agreement, which had been reviewed regularly, had been sealed by a ‘desperate’ lack of space for the school.

He said: “We lost Building Schools for the Future (The Government-funded programme) and have a desperate need for accommodation and had 200 sixth formers in accommodation designed for 90. The governors decided this couldn’t go on and decided we would spend money on converting the pool into a sixth form.”

Notice was given to the enterprise before the closure, he added.

The pool was originally shut around two years ago following a decision by Newark and Sherwood District Council, but the enterprise group of local people stepped in and eventually secured the agreement with the school. It ran the site while looking for a new spot, but is yet to confirm a replacement.

Said Sandra Warner, manager of the enterprise: “We’ve looked at 10 sites and for various reasons each one has been ticked off as unsuitable. We are still looking and there are two possible sites at the moment.”

Users of the ‘Rec’, as it was known locally, said its closure was a ‘great loss’.

Blidworth resident Gloria Seagrave said in a letter to Chad: “No other pool gave the same friendly help. It catered for everyone from the disabled to the fittest.”

Anyone who could aid the enterprise’s search is asked to contact 07952230567.