Rainworth pool plan in motion

NMAC11-2881-1''The site of the proposed swimming pool on the old Pit LAne at Rainworth
NMAC11-2881-1''The site of the proposed swimming pool on the old Pit LAne at Rainworth

A NEW public swimming pool could be built in Rainworth following a campaign by residents, it has emerged this week.

The village’s former ‘Rec’ pool, which was based at the now defunct Rainworth Leisure Centre, shut in March this year because site owners the Joseph Whitaker School needed the space to build a new sixth form centre.

But now social enterprise group, Not Just Swimming, has been told there is space to build a new swimming centre on land by Rainworth Miners’ Welfare Football Club.

The land, which is situated behind the club’s training pitch alongside Colliery Lane, is owned by Rainworth Miners Welfare Trust, whose members met with campaigner Sandra Warner recently to discuss a potential new facility being built.

“We’re in the early stages of talks but the welfare has offered us a long-term lease of the land,” said mum-of-two Sandra.

“This is a really positive thing and it is nice that the community is working together for the good of the village.”

Sandra is now making grant applications to help fund the potential project, but says the village is already suffering from the ‘Rec’ pool’s closure in March.

“There are lots of benefits to having a swimming pool, it is a social thing as well as having health benefits,” she added.

“It is a social activity but children are also taught how to behave as well as skills like lifesaving - I think pensioners have suffered the most from the pool closure but the effect on children will not be seen for another couple of years.

“The Government wants every child to be able to swim 50 metres but how can they if there are no facilities.”

Rainworth Miners’ Welfare chairman Mark Buttery said: “We’re hoping this initiative really gets off the ground, swimming is still on the school curriculum and the closure of the old pool was a big loss for the area.”

“A new pool will be good for the community as it will encourage people to come into the village and spend money in our shops and pubs.

“Hopefully it will be built in the next 12 to 18 months.”