RAGE steps up fight against incinerator plans

Artist's impression of how the plant might look
Artist's impression of how the plant might look

Campaigners battling to prevent an incinerator being built on their doorstep have put together a damning dossier to help bring the plans to a halt.

Bilsthorpe’s Residents Against Gasification Experiment (RAGE) are fighting to prevent the plant on the village’s old colliery site being built.

The firm behind the plans, Peel Environmental, say the site would handle about 120,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste each year and create enough power for about 23,000 homes.

It added the centre would use the latest gasification methods to recover energy from rubbish, which previously would have been buried at landfill sites.

The plans were approved by Nottinghamshire County Council in November, but an inquiry was announced after key figures, including secretary of state for communities Eric Pickles, expressed concern.

RAGE has put forward a 31-page dossier, detailing the ‘unsuitability of the colliery site’ and how ‘the applicant has failed to demonstrate that the type of facility proposed is needed in this location’.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) group and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have each put together their own reports.

The wildlife trust has presented new evidence that the area is used by protected species, while UKWIN argues that the incinerator would be classed as a form of disposal, and not recovery, which they claim goes against the Government’s commitment to energy efficiency and the waste management hierarchy.

According to UKWIN National co-ordinator and Forest Town resident, Shlomo Dowen: “This unwanted and unnecessary facility poses a threat to the nearby countryside, wildlife and heritage.

“The experimental technology is unlikely to work as advertised. I hope the secretary of state will consider the evidence closely and refuse planning permission.”

It is understood that the inquiry hearings will not take place before October at the earliest, with a decision not expected until next year.