Racing cyclists hope to sock it to the opposition!

Former Olympic medallist Bryan Steel, who has set up a cycling academy.
Former Olympic medallist Bryan Steel, who has set up a cycling academy.

Cyclists in an international racing squad are hoping to sock it to the opposition -- thanks to the help of a firm based in Sutton.

For sock manufacturer, SockMine, of Coxmoor Road, has become an official supplier to the Bryan Steel Academy, which aims to turn the most talented riders in the East Midlands into elite-level competitors.

SockMine, which has customers in a vast range of sports, including running, horse-riding and snow sports, will kit out the academy’s six riders in the very latest technical cycling socks.

The company hopes the socks will help the squad, led by former Olympic medallist Bryan Steel, build on a successful debut season in 2016 when they achieved strong results across Europe, and one of their riders, Mansfield’s Ross Lamb, earned a semi-professional contract with a team in Belgium.

Steel, who will help to develop the firm’s cycling sock range, competed at four Olympic Games, winning a silver medal at Athens in 2004 and a bronze at Sydney in 2000. He said: “The objective of the academy is to support local, young riders and allow them to maximise their potential. With all the power transferred through riders’ feet, comfort is key, so socks are an essential, yet largely overlooked, element.”

Dominic Lee, of SockMine, said: “We are passionate about creating socks that care for your feet and improve performance. We are thrilled to he helping riders through a gruelling season.

“Bunching, durability and the dispersal of sweat are all key factors to consider when choosing a quality pair of cycling socks. Ours also keep the cyclists’ feet cool, dry and wrinkle-free, so they can concentrate on technique.”