Quirky criticism over bus station signage

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It might have cost almost £10 million to build Mansfield’s new bus station but one eagle-eyed Chad reader has spotted a faux pas when it comes to signage at the state-of-the-art facility.

Rita Sharpe noticed that the sign stands at B,D,F and H are labelled with the incorrect spelling of Stockwell Gate and are printed as Stockwall Gate.

“And stuck on every automatic door which leads out to the buses on each stand, is a sign with the words ‘Only operates when your bus arrive’. Surely this should be ‘arrives’? Asked Rita.

“After spending so much money on this new facility, the least we could expect is that the signage be correct. Did no-one check it?”

When the Chad went to investigate, the Stockwell Gate signs had been corrected but the door stickers remain. However on querying the error with Nottinghamshire County Council, they said the mistakes would be dealt with.

“We are sorry to hear about these errors,” said a council spokesman. “But the building is still under warranty from the contractors so the errors will be amended at no extra cost to the council or the passengers.”