Quad bikers making residents lives a misery


Sutton residents say dozens of quad bikers racing around the streets of Sutton are causing havoc and are making their lives a misery.

The police are investigating after the latest incident on Sunday where a biker was seen weaving in and out of traffick, pulling wheelies with a child hanging on ‘for dear life’ at the rear of the machine.

Councillor Tom Hollis said the issue needed to be nipped in the bud before someone was badly injured.

He said: “The main issue is the speed - they are revving up doing ‘wheelies’ and driving either side of the road . Something needs to be done before someone is hurt.

Coun Hollis said dozens of angry residents had contacted him about the problem.

Huthwaite Road was a hotspot and the quad bikes were moving on down to parts of Huthwaite.

He said; “I have been in touch with the police and they have asked me to provide evidence.

“I went down to Huthwaite Road on Sunday and I was only there for 15 minutes when they came down and I took photographs on my phone.

“It was worrying to see a young child on the back of one of the quads.

“They are creating a noise nuisance - they are disturbing families with young children and people out walking their dogs.”

Hopefully this will lead to a crackdown whether the bikes are seized and crushed or not, it needs to be resolved.”

Resident Avril Davis of Huthwaite Road said: “On Sunday afternoon there were about 12-15 of them being ridden by people aged from their teens to their 30s.

“It sounds like Brands Hatch around here.

“There was one with a child on the back - he was hanging on for dear life. It was absolutely awful.

Inspector Glenn Longden, District Commander for Ashfield, said: “We are very much aware that this is an issue of concern for local residents and it remains high among our neighbourhood priorities for this part of Sutton.

“We would urge anyone who sees this activity to report it by calling 101, providing as much detail as they can about the vehicles and the riders.

“Without that information it is difficult to identify who the riders are and which criminal offences, if any, are being committed.”