Put new £10K multi-trainer to the test at Blidworth gym

Trainer Mark Wood.
Trainer Mark Wood.

Visitors to Blidworth Community Leisure Centre’s Open Day can now make use of £10,000 piece of gym equipment that offers a complete workout and more than 50 different ways to exercise.

Fitness furu Mark Wood paid a special visit to the centre to show visitors how to use the Synergy 360 multi-trainer for cardio exercises, strength exercises and core muscle exercises, last week.

Ex-Stags player and fitness instructor Chris Wood put the new multi-trainer through its paces and talked to the Chad about the uses of this versatile machine.

He said: “The synergy equipment is a multi-functional circuit station. It has about 25 different piece of machinery and there are thousands of different exercises you can do.

“You can set it up for your own high intensity interval training sessions (HITTS).

“You set your own stations up so different parts of the body can be worked and then set your own times. So, you might do minute of jumps on the platform, them move to the next station where you might do rowing exercises, and then go on to the kettle bell or a medicine ball.”

The multi-trainer can be used for specific sports training. If you’re a sprinter, for example, there are cables which can be attached to your legs.

It features a jumping platform, a landmine pulley, rock-climbing and standard pull-up bars, cable attachments that can be used with handles or bars, a PRX strap which uses your body weight for certain exercises, medicine balls, kettle bells, tension straps and a dip bar.

Chris, who has been a trainer for three years, explains that the machine reflects the way that exercise in gyms has changed: “You used to sit at one machine and do one exercise - that’s the old way to train.

“Now you never really sit down - it’s always about movement and bounding to make you work different muscles. This tries to get the body moving in different directions. You are working different muscle groups rather than focussing on just one.

“We use it for personal one-on-one training sessions classes - but it can be used by as many 12 people.”

Carl Fairbrother, operations manager at the newly-redecorated centre said: “The new multi-functional synergy equipment is designed to hit the spots you’ve never trained before and to encourage people to improve their fitness in different ways, yet it’s simple to use.

“This machine is the first in the area at any local authority gym.”

The centre on Belle Vue Lane offers 30 minute HITTS sessions at 7am and 9am.

On weekdays it opens at 6.30am and, from Monday to Thursday closes at 9.30pm, and at 8.30pm on Fridays.

It is open from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For more information call 01623 466 266 or email blidworthleisure@nsdc.info