Pupils’ imaginations run wild

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Children let their imaginations run wild at a special story telling event at The Giltbrook Retail Park.

The National Literacy Trust, which hosted the event for pupils at Springbank Primary School in Eastwood and Langley Mill School, encourages kids to develop a love of reading.

The trust’s Young Readers Programme, aims to improve the literacy levels of children aged 11 and under.

The session was hosted by author, poet and storyteller Gez Walsh.

He brought stories to life with an enthralling performance aimed at showing the children how reading could help them explore new and fantastic worlds, bringing their imaginations alive.

The school kids got to take home a free book.

Nuthall councillors Phillip and Jill Owen also went along.

The Young Readers Programme is being supported across the country by funding worth £200,000 from British Land – the owners of The Giltbrook Retail Park.

Nationally, one in five children leave primary school unable to read properly, while children who read daily outside class are five times more likely to read above the expected level for their age compared with pupils who never read outside class.

Nicola Davies, from Springbank Primary, said: “Bringing the world of books and words to and beyond the classroom is so important to our children. They have not only thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Park, but I am pleased to say that many of them are now avid readers.”