Public sector pay: Support the campaign

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I am asking for support with UNISON’s campaign for fair pay for local Government workers.

UNISON is looking for a pay rise of at least £1 an hour for all the people who are keeping council services and schools running in the face of ongoing job and pay cuts. Since 2010 they have had a three year pay freeze and just a 1% increase last year, in real terms that means their pay has fallen by 18%.

The local Government pay and conditions are by far the worst in the public sector. Since 2010 not only has the pay fallen by 18% after inflation, with food, fuel etc going through the roof, they are all struggling to manage day to day living.

I am aware that the pay claim comes at a time of unprecedented cuts in local Government funding by central Government.

However, local Government has saved a quarter on the pay bill and reserves have risen to over £19 billion in the last two years. The extra £2.3 billion reserves banked is more than the equivalent of and extra £1 an hour for local Government workers. The extras monies in the wages would be spent locally, so it would give the local businesses a boost and help with the economy as well. It would also pay for itself in providing more tax and National Insurance for the Government and less spent on work benefits.

These savings could be recycled to councils to pay for this pay rise.

Surely you will agree with me that the local council and school support workers are doing a great job. But enough is enough, and against the odds they have shown their commitment to keeping the local services going.

I would appreciate your support on this matter so as to help make the employers and Government see that local Government workers deserve better.

Alan Meale MP