Prowler jailed

An early morning prowler who entered a house in Mansfield when the door was left unlocked for a few minutes, has been jailed for just over two years and 60 days.

Leigh Paddon (28), of Lord Street, Mansfield, was out looking through car windows and trying car door handles on 4th May, Nottinghgam Crown Court heard.

Someone on Thorpelands Avenue left for work about 5am.

John Hallissey, prosecuting, said: “There were a few minutes when the front door was left unlocked. The defendant got in, helped himself to a handbag and made off.”

The bag was later found discarded in bushes, with £200 cash missing and jewellery valued at £150.

CCTV footage was checked and Paddon, who admitted burglary and vehicle interference, was caught. He asked for three thefts from cars to be taken into consideration.

When released from his last prison term he had no accommodation and had a drug habit, said his barrister Richard Thatcher.

‘It was an opportunistic offence, the door was perhaps not properly closed.’

The sentence was two years plus 60 days from the suspended term