Proud Mansfield mum checks out her new baby boy

NMAC11-1828-2''Rachel Ellis nad her son Logan pictured with Costcutter owner Manjit Sohal who delivered the baby in the store two weeks ago.
NMAC11-1828-2''Rachel Ellis nad her son Logan pictured with Costcutter owner Manjit Sohal who delivered the baby in the store two weeks ago.

MANSFIELD mum Rachel Ellis only popped to the local shop for some Sunday supplies but came back with more than she bargained for when she gave birth to her baby son in the store.

Rachel, of Clumber Drive, had gone to the Costcutter store on Chesterfield Road North with a friend just after 2pm on 26th June when she suddenly went into labour.

She said: “I had been a bit ill through the night and needed some toiletries and supplies.

“Then just as I was getting the milk, my waters broke.”

Shop owner Manjit Sohal ran to Rachel’s assistance and showed her to the toilet at the back of the shop, but within just minutes baby Logan Brian Junior Ellis arrived into the world - a month premature and weighing only 4lbs 3oz.

Stand-in midwife Manjit said: “We were laughing and joking about her having the baby in the shop but by the time I came back with a towel I could see the head and shouted back ‘phone an ambulance!’

“I just grabbed the baby with the towel, moved the umbilical cord out of the way and we held him together, me and Rachel.”

Another customer who was in the shop at the time, Julie Reders, came round with the phone, repeating the instructions being given by the emergency services for Rachel.

Rachel (36) had to get down on the floor of the tiny toilet cubicle and wait for the afterbirth until the paramedics arrived.

“When my waters went it felt like a water balloon bursting. I thought ‘don’t panic, there will be ages yet!’,” she said.

“Then I remember thinking ‘you can’t come out yet’ - I wanted to push him back but I couldn’t!

“If it had not been for Manjit doing what she did, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

Rachel had only just been discharged from King’s Mill a few days before the birth after having been in hospital for a week.

Doctors were keeping a close eye on her because she had major heart surgery a few years ago and it was not thought she would be able to have another baby.

But although both mum and baby Logan were kept in hospital for eight days because Logan was so small, they were discharged when he was still under 5lbs because he was doing so well.

“I have not felt this good in years,” said Rachel, who also has a 10-year-old daughter, Piper.

“He is a miracle baby.”

She added: “Everyone’s fussed over us - I have had so much support from everybody.

“At first I felt a bit embarrassed but it’s dead good really!

“It’s not something you hear about in your own neighbourhood and you don’t expect it to happen to you.”

Manjit, who did a collection for Rachel and Logan in the shop and has four children of her own, said she just sprang into action when it was clear the baby was coming.

“A baby being born is one of the most amazing things in the world to see,” she said.

“This was something a lot of people will never forget.”