Protecting our open spaces

I WRITE in response to the letter published regarding the Sandhurst Quarry Cricket Ground (Chad, 1st August) which is assessed through Forest Road Park, also known as Spider Park.

I would like everyone to know this is not about dog walkers or Mansfield Town Football Club training.

As the writer stated we should look at the wider picture, well that is exactly what we are doing. However every article that appears in the Chad centres around the above items.

Our issues are;

This area is public open space.

The Mayor has not followed due process in this matter.

Mansfield and Pleasley Cricket Club, who hold a licence, have been usurped.

Mansfield Town Football Club has erected a fence across the access via Forest Road Park without planning permission on property for which they have no tenure.

The latest concern is the application for the renewal of the outline planning on the Mansfield Sand Company’s site for 107 houses.

In the plans, access is being left on to the Cricket Ground which is more than wide enough to put a road through and thereby have a future development of housing proposed.

So please don’t dismiss us as a bunch of insignificant dog walkers with a selfish interest.

Our aim is to protect this unique and tranquil area and keep it as open space for every member of the community to enjoy and appreciate.



Friends of Forest Road Park

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