Protect your war memorial

Local groups and councils are being reminded of a scheme which uses forensic technology to help reduce the risk of thieves and vandals stealing or damaging metal from war memorials.

Nottinghamshire County Council has worked with local groups since 2006 to fund projects to restore and create 23 war memorials in the county through its Local Improvement Scheme at a cost of £364,500.

It is estimated that on average one war memorial a week across the UK is being targeted by thieves intent on stealing bronze, copper or other metals to sell on for scrap, despite the metal having relatively little monetary value.

Monuments can be forensically marked with SmartWater, assigning them with a state-of-the-art forensic signature that can only be seen under ultra-violet light.

Once applied SmartWater is virtually impossible to remove and can withstand burning, sand blasting and long term exposure to UV.

War memorials in the county may be eligible for free SmartWater marking as part of the ‘In Memoriam 2014’ scheme, which is being is offered by War Memorials Trust working in partnership with the SmartWater Foundation.

l For more information visit the In Memorium 2014 website at or telephone 07990 936 276.