Proposal to move a Mansfield Post Office sparks protest

Post Office on Clipstone Road West
Post Office on Clipstone Road West

More than 300 people have signed a petition against a proposal to move a Mansfield Post Office to a petrol station - and dozens turned up to protest the plans on Monday.

Residents have been told that the Post Office on Clipstone Road West could be relocated to a BP garage more than half a mile away.

The BP garage is also located on Clipstone Road West, close to the junction of New Mill Lane but residents are concerned that it will mean a longer walk for elderly people and there is no crossing on the busy road.

Maun Valley Ward Councillor Mick Barton said: "People, especially elderly people will struggle to get to the new location. It is on a very busy road and a dangerous junction. Elderly people need to post offiice, shops are slowly moving area from the area and without it other facilities will not be used as much."

Others are also worried about the impact the move would have on elderly residents.

Resident Linda Macutkiewicz, 68, said: "It would actually be nearer for me it the move went ahead but there are alot of elderly people in Forest Town and they have far enough to walk already. It's not fair that they will have to go up to the garage - and it's a really busy road.

Matt Eacott, 30, who has cerebral palsy said the move would take away his independence. His condition means he would struggle to remember a new route to the post office.

He said: "I would struggle to get there, it takes a long time as it is but this would make it much more difficult as it is further away. And the staff there know me which makes things easier."

Holly ward Councillor Martin Wright said: The current Post Office is central to people's needs, frequented by many, especially the elderly, some of which keep all their available money in your safe hands. To move the Post Office to the proposed new location will cause insurmountable problems for those elderly Forest Town residents who do not own a car and or cannot afford a taxi.

"As a local Forest Town councillor I am only too aware of the problems this proposal will cause and it's my belief the move is purely for financial reasons and has no connection whatsoever with serving the local community better. I ask you to rethink this idea and to dispatch any such move to the waste bin. History tells me when the Post Office consult on such moves it is just an exercise and a tick in a box, on this occasion please prove me wrong."

The Post Office has been contacted for comment.