Probus club on the lookout for new members.

Members of the probus club, with staff members from the Plough Inn.(bottom row)
Members of the probus club, with staff members from the Plough Inn.(bottom row)

The Warsop men's probus club had their monthly meeting on July 17 with 16 members attending.

The meeting, held at the Plough Inn on Church Street, Warsop included a lighthearted friendly discussion amongst members and a chance for everyone to get together and talk about their daily routines.

The purpose of these meeting is to attract more people to join and get them out of their houses and socialising with others.

The club formed in March 1979 and was a spin off from the Warsop Rotary club and is aimed at retired people to get them to mix with other retired men on a relaxed basis once a month.

Every meeting has a guest speaker who talks about their career and informs the attendees about their day to day tasks and keeps them engaged by concluding with a Q&A session .

Brian Bradley, Chairman of the probus club said: " The purpose of these meetings is to try and promote friendship, with relaxed meetings, and having interesting speakers.

"This is all cemented together by some friendly banter over a drink in the bar during a comfort break before all sitting down for a two course meal.

"The guest speaker is a good way for the members to learn new things and keep them informed, a lot of the time members go away from the meeting having learnt something they perhaps wouldn't have if they were at home

Bill Power, has been a member for 12 years and said: I joined because of the good company and relaxed protocol, we are all retired gentlemen who come from various career backgrounds including teachers, a professor, miners, firemen and veterans.

"I enjoy the company of like minded men, and with interesting guest speakers and a excellent meal its the perfect combination"

Thomas Spencer, Bar manager for the Plough Inn said: "We have been hosting these meetings for the last four months and its something which we are really enjoying, the club committee got in touch with us after hearing about the varieties of food we serve and for us being a community pub it was a very easy decision.

"From a financial point of view it has given the business a big boost and we hope it can continue for a long time."

For more information, contact Brian Bradley on 07977879993