PRICE HIKE: Clumber Park entry fees to increase

Entry prices into Clumber Park are to skyrocket under the Worksop beauty spot's recently launched 'revitalisation project'.

Clumber Park Entrance
Clumber Park Entrance

The National Trust has announced that visitors to the park will no longer be charged per car, a set price of £7, but per person.

With entry prices for adults totalling £5, and £2.50 for children, large families visiting the park could find themselves forking out more than £20 for a day out.

The changes, which will come into effect in November, mark the first step in a “revitalisation project” for Clumber which aims to improve the park over the next ten years.

Beth Dawson, general manager of Clumber, said the increase in price would bring tge park “in line with other visitor attractions” across the UK.

She added: “We will also be undertaking a range of pilot trials to help us evaluate the different options for visitors to enter and access Clumber Park along with different parking arrangements.

“We want to make sure visitors have the best experience from the moment they enter to when they exit the park- access plays a huge part in this which is why it’s so important we get it right.

“Our first trial will be to test a multi-lane entry system at our main entrance with a fast track for National Trust members.”

The price per person charge will include entry into the park’s four acre Walled Kitchen Garden, which previously would have been charged separately.

National Trust members will continue to receive free entry.