Preparatory work starts on new road

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Despite announcements made just two weeks ago that work on Hucknall’s inner relief road wouldn’t start until next spring, it seems that some preparation is already underway.

Hidden behind Baker Street, sandwiched between town jeweller’s Goldfinger and the former fishing tackle shop, is a piece of wasteground.

In the past two weeks workers have been tackling the overgrown area, chopping trees down, clearing shrubbery and opening the area up which will form the start of the new road.

Adjacent to this site is a row of cottages in Mill Yard, which are historically significant to the town, dating back to 1836.

Families living in Mill Yard have been left ‘exposed’ by the recent action yet are pleased that work has started on the £12million project.

“We have been in limbo-land for years whilst talk of the new road has been going ahead,” said one resident and mum of three who asked not to be named. “After years of debate and discussion we just want the council to get on with it as until it is finished we are unable to think about moving.”

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesman confirmed the ‘preparatory work’.

“Since planning permission has been granted for the scheme there are some jobs that can be done in advance and because we have to do this type of work at a particular time of year, to protect wildlife, we made a start.”