Praise for Mansfield District Council from veterans

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A CHARITY dedicated to helping ex-military personnel has praised housing bosses for helping homeless veterans find permanent homes.

Mansfield District Council gives returning veterans priority for housing as part of its Veterans Charter - and has also made the welfare of ex-service men and women a priority.

Now the Joint Forces Alliance (JFA) has honoured the authority for its work, describing it as the ‘most forward in the country when it comes to housing veterans’.

Said Jason Rathbone, of JFA: “They were the first council to give priority to veterans with housing problems.

“Finding a home is the first building block for someone who is ex-military and is trying to get their life back on track.

“This is not just about giving someone a roof over their heads. It’s also about giving people a better chance in life.

“The council’s profound leadership and support has made a fundamental difference to so many deserving lives.”

Mr Rathbone presented Hayley Barsby, the council’s head of housing, with a certificate in recognition of the authority’s ‘outstanding’ services to veterans in the Mansfield area.

She said: “We believe that when a veteran returns to their home town they should be supported in the process of re-settlement and I am proud that an organisation such as the JFA has recognised the work that we have done to deliver this.”