Portland College’s iPad orchestra wows audiences

iPad Orchestra
iPad Orchestra

A GROUP of young people with learning disabilities from Portland College have been using technology to create their own music.

The iPad Orchestra has been wowing audiences with their skills and they recently performed in front of 500 people at the County Youth Arts Showcase event at Mansfield’s Palace Theatre.

The five band members - Oswin Goddard (20), James Page (21), Joe Loverock (20), Tristan Jones (22) and Marcus Smith (19) - have been using iPads as musical instruments for around two years at the college.

They have also worked with musicians Simon Tew and Ronnie who are tutors from Nottinghamshire County Council’s County Youth Arts Team to hone their skills.

Band member Joe Loverock has cerebral palsy and is studying media studies at the college, which is on Nottingham Road.

He said: “The showcase was a fantastic experience – we had never performed to an audience outside of the college and the reception we got before and afterwards was wonderful.

“It has been a great experience to work with Simon Tew and the County Youth Arts team to get the most out of the iPads.

“Our confidence and skills using these devices as musical instruments has grown and we hope to develop the orchestra further and showcase it to a wider audience.”

Meanwhile, Portland College’s Chris Wynne added: “When we began working with the iPads within our sessions, the learners showed real creativity and desire to take their music further and develop a sound that they could showcase.

“The orchestra left the audience thoroughly entertained and absorbed with their performance.

“It was a great experience for them and to show what they could achieve with new technology.”