Poppies mark War’s end

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A million poppy seeds have been spread in an Ashfield village to help commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Children and councillors in Huthwaite joined forces on a rainy day to create a sea of poppy red to remember the end of the war in 1918.

The poppy seeds have been spread in Brierley Forest Park, off Skegby Road, Huthwaite – and more poppies are planned to be planted on “the Welfare” green space in coming weeks.

It is hoped that the poppies will be in full bloom in June ahead of the centenary of the end of the War on November 11.

The poppy a symbol for remembrance was inspired by the World War One poem “In Flanders Fields”.

Its opening lines refer to the poppies that were the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of battle grounds in Flanders, Belgium. Ten million military personnel lost their died during the war.

Councillor Lee Anderson, Coun Glenys Maxwell and Coun Tom Hollis, all Huthwaite councillors, helped spread the seeds donated by an ex-serviceman.

Coun Anderson said: “We asked the 15 children who helped out why we were planting the poppies and they all seamed to know – it is important they know why they have done it.”

Coun Hollis said: “It is a special year and a great community day spreading the seeds – it was an event to remember.”

The spreading of the poppies has gone down a treat with Huthwaite residents.

One resident Antony Stocks said: “Great to see everyone working together for a good cause.”

However, Colin Parry joked about the poor weather on the day, saying: “With all rain we keep getting, it’s a wonder the seeds don’t float down to the lake.”

Darlene Brookes-Withernee said: “It was lovely to see everyone working together for the good of the community.”

This year will see more activites to commemorate the centenary.

Large plastic poppies are currently lining railings along Sutton Road in Huthwaite.

Coun Anderson said he plans to get more children and groups involved to fully decorate the railings.

He said: “We will be adding more stuff every week.”