Poorly filly dumped and left to die at the side of the road at Blidworth

The young horse, now named Brave Valentine, was dumped and left for dead. (Picture courtesy of Gaily Edwards)
The young horse, now named Brave Valentine, was dumped and left for dead. (Picture courtesy of Gaily Edwards)

A Rainworth vet has condemned cruel horse owners who dumped a little filly to die at the side of the road.

Janice Dixon is trying to trace the people who dumped a very poorly mare on a country lane on Friday night.

Speaking to the BBC, Janice chair of the charity Help For Horses said she received a call from a member of the public at 6.30pm.

They had seen a white Transit van towing a sheep trailer on Ricketts Lane Blidworth, a very quiet unlit road.

It pulled over and then sped off.

She said: “They found a dying little mare had been dumped who was so emaciated she was literally just skin and bones.

“She’d obviously been ill for some time.

“I’m guessing that they thought she didn’t have long to live so rather than having to pay for her to be disposed of professionally and in a manner that’s deserving, it was easier for them to dump her by the side of the road.”

“It’s not nice for members of the public to see that.

The filly was tended toby members of the public who helped Janice move it to her practice, where it died on Saturday.

She said: “What I’d like to see is that the perpetrators are found.

“I’m just hoping someone has something on CCTV because the vehicle would have gone along Cross Lane and either entered into Blidworth or followed up by the bypass and entered into Rainworth.

At 6.50-7pm there’s a lot of traffic on the road.

“These people need to account for their actions. It’s outrageous behaviour.”

These dispicable people continue to breed such animals, htey deliberately don’t microchip them for this very reason.

“It’s easily to dump them and relinquish any rights of ownership.”

She added: “ would like to thank all the members of the public who helped us get her in the trailer and nurse her through the night.”

Police have issued an incident number. 725-14022019

Posting on Facebook, resident Gaily Edwards who helped tend to the mare said: “We were by her side with in minutes thanks to Gaynor Corkhill that managed to see her in time so as not to hit her,

Once we’d all managed to just about carry her onto the softer verge, She dropped to the floor, Freezing, Grey gums, Nose bleed and jet black water pouring out her back end,

“A kind lady fetched her a blanket so she could at least have some warmth and a bit of dignity,

“She spent the night with constant care at Help for Horses with loving caring people and vet Janice from Mcpherson vets Rainworth, To sadly pass away today, Blessing is she Died knowing kindness exists, Warmth & a cosy bed But mainly pain free.”