Polling stations on the move

Some voters will be casting their vote in unfamiliar surroundings at this year’s local elections after a review of polling station locations by Mansfield District Council - and the creation of two more to take the total to 80.

Sherwood Junior School in Warsop and Holly Primary School in Forest Town will no longer be used and the Council will now be using community buildings instead, including Warsop Methodist Church and the Wellington Close Community Centre in Warsop and Forest Town Methodist Church.

Mansfield District Council brought its review forward by 12 months to coincide with the new electoral wards introduced by the Boundary Commission, which will be in force at the May 2011 elections.

Under the new arrangements, the current 19 wards and 46 councillors will be replaced by 36 new wards, each represented by one councillor.

The full Polling Place Review report together with maps of the new polling districts and stations is on Mansfield District Council’s website at www.mansfield.gov.uk/pollingplaces. For further information on the Polling Places Review and voting arrangements call 463345.